Manhood Therapy (1)

Manhood Therapy.

Basic Technique for Manhood Therapy fall into 4 Categories:-

1. Pushing

2. Pressing.

3. Massage.

4. Sharpening.

If carried out patiently and praying to God (Allah) all our effort will succeed. Only hope but do not be quick to despair.

1. Pushing.

Massage from the base of the anus to the base of the testicles. Use left hand and right hand fingers. Take turns, left hand then right hand, massage in and pull upward.

Do slowly and do not use to much pressure. You should inhale long and deep, so that the Oxygen can gets accumulated in the blood and the penis area.

During the massage the penis stem will tends to expand. This indicate that you are doing it correctly. Repeat this process every morning for about 5 – 10 minutes daily.

2. Pressing.

Presing can expel wind and mucus so that Penis can function with vigour and strength. Too much wind and mucus in the Penis veins can cause uneven flow in the blood circulation.

Press on two side of hole (“lobang cincin”) above the Penis base with 2 fingers slowly. Take a deep breath hold your breath. Inhale through the nose. When you have fully inhaled, release loudly and quickly through your mouth. Repeat this action 3-5 times. Insya-Allah your Penis will feel good.

Saat Jais - Pakar Urut


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