Manhood Therapy (2)

Manhood Therapy.

3. Massage

Massage from the base to the head of the Penis on the right and left side. Press the skin at the base of the Penis if the skin is loose.

To simplify the massage. Do letter “O” by using Forefinger and Thumb, massage from the base to the head of the Penis. During this massage you should do the “Kegel Exercise” to exercise the PC muscle, such as the time you want arrested urinate. With this way Penis will be more restrained and large.

Repeat this process about 10-15 minutes.

4. Sharpening.

The function is to increase stamina and endurance in the Penis head. This is so that it will not feel ticklish and able to endure during sexual intercourse.

By using thumb and fingers, stroke the top, below and part edges of the Penis head. If felt enthusiastic and ticklish stop a moment. Then continue….

During process, pull breath through nose, resilient at moment. If already could not stop breath, disengage through the mouth slowly



Saat Jais - Pakar Urut


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