Features Of Prosfessional Massage Therapy.

Profession   Massage Therapy  is  the same  as Profession Chef Cook  in term of context taste and those results will be  enjoyed  by the Client.

In this context, what is most importantly, let the customer himself evaluate how effective is it’s services to  accept from Massage Therapy Professional. To me, the simplest and shortest  way to access the  skill for professional Massage Therapy is  your body is restless  before the massage and will return fresh and feel energetic after being massaged, all the limb feel much lighter. Apart from that there will be no red or bruise scratch  or wounds resulted from nail or finger. 

Features Of Professional Massage Therapy are as follows:-

  • Capable of identify nerve system and veins and in touch with other body appendages other. 
  • Can distinguish bone or even nerve system  during massage.
  • Can detect and know swollen veins and its relation with disease or customer problem, before or after being massaged.
  • Cope resuscitate or reduce level of pain of customer, before or after that massage.
  • Know how to evaluate level of pain current customer massage with out asking.
  • Can balance pain and good rate during massage.
  • Can detect types of diseases or customer problem only by press or touch of any place in customer. 

Can predict, whether the disease of the customer can be a healed or not by method of detecting Nerve system (specifically for low or weak sexual energy or stroke patient)

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Massage Ethics

  • Put the patient at ease and have a good first impression
  • Personal Cleanliness
  • Personal appearance, especially finger nails!!
  • No cold hands please…! Wash your hands.
  • Working Area: Tidy; clean and orderly
  • Clean towels
  • Full concentration to the patient.
  • Check your posture, Conserve energy.
  • Keep patient warm and relax.
  • Proper drapping.
  • Cover area of work after completing.

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To Know Unskilled Massage Therapist.

Able to see and can sense guided on circumstances and his manners of massaging as follows:-

  • Position Massage Therapist’s  position  always changed in very short time during massage.
  • Always frequent to strong pressure massage will hurt the body and making  customer to sweat  because to endure pain.
  • Massage Therapist’s   nails are long and not organised.
  • Customer feeling more tired, tired and ill after getting massage
  • Effects of occurring  scratch signs, bruises or wounds in customer body after being massaged, due to from strong emphasis, scratched by  finger or nail.
  • Often or like to bend, wind or break joint of bone customer, sometimes period exceeding movement limit one member. For example, like turning head to the right and then to the left, like bending the finger, foot or hand.
  • If  customer sprained and swollen, further massage in the swollen place and not find vein roots that are linked with troubled.

We can see that  massage practice can recover or subside problem to be link with person nerve system at  very minimum level in short duration and not leave any side effect, then of course the people who knows shall be virtue and his nutrition and interest. Would like to get massage service when it in tired state or nerve system tension. This has caused some people to say that practice massage could cause people the addiction.

To seek good results and interest you in encouragement at least get  massage services once in a month.

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The Benefits Of massage


The Benefits Of Massage

  • Massage increases blood flow both into and out of the affected areas thus speeding up the healing process considerably.
  • Massage stimulates the elimination of accumulated Metabolic waste. As a result of exercise waste products such as lactic acid and urea, which are released into and build up in the muscles, may crystallize inducing cramps, stiffness, pain and soreness. These may be dispelled easily by soft tissue work after exercise.
  • Massage provide pain relief by stretching the soft tissues and releasing endorphins.
  • Elasticity and pliability of the tissues will improve. It will help prevent formation of adhesions or scar tissue. Old scar tissue and adhesions in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which have built up as result of previous traumas, can be broken down effectively.
  • Massage should be seen as a preventive medicine. It is excellent for the avoidance of overuse injuries and should be employed on a regular basis to relieve any minor aches or pains which could eventually lead to trauma. Many sportsmen and sportswomen have massage therapy to reduce nervous tension and relax the mind before an important event.

Not only for men, we also provide services for women at your own house.

 House Call For Ladies only / Perhidmatan Urut Dari Kaum Wanita  Untuk Wanita Sahaja. Sila hubungi:-
Chua Chu Kang  Area (Daerah Chua Chu Kang ).

1. Hjh Mahani – 96737594 2 Hjh Hamidah – 93860098
3. Puan Jamilah – 91426428


Woodland  Area (Daerah Woodland):

1. Puan Mariati – 96319031 2. Puan Ana Ratnah – 96345114
3. Puan Misah – 87008154 4. Puan Salama Eusope – 96605967
5. Puan Asnah – 93659310 6. Puan Roslinda – 97997794
7. Puan Saripah – 91061704


Boon Lay Area (Daerah Boon Lay).

1. Puan Inah – 93592137


Jurong West Area (Daerah Jurong West)

1. Puan Minah 96683184


Taman Jurong Area (Daerah Taman Jurong)

1. Puan Sa’adiah – 82186448    


Yishun Area (Daerah Yishun).

1. Puan Hadisa – 98573037 2. Puan Salamah – 94792045
3. Puan Fauziah – 91792096 4. Puan Fauziah Zee – 90089114


Eunos Area (Daerah Eunos)

1. Puan Megawaty – 90737352    


Tampiness Area (Daerah Tampiness):

1. Puan Soraya – 94555543 2. Puan Dahlia – 93506911/83667262
3. Puan Liza – 96412314 4. Puan Normala- 96491966



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