The Benefits Of massage


The Benefits Of Massage

  • Massage increases blood flow both into and out of the affected areas thus speeding up the healing process considerably.
  • Massage stimulates the elimination of accumulated Metabolic waste. As a result of exercise waste products such as lactic acid and urea, which are released into and build up in the muscles, may crystallize inducing cramps, stiffness, pain and soreness. These may be dispelled easily by soft tissue work after exercise.
  • Massage provide pain relief by stretching the soft tissues and releasing endorphins.
  • Elasticity and pliability of the tissues will improve. It will help prevent formation of adhesions or scar tissue. Old scar tissue and adhesions in muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which have built up as result of previous traumas, can be broken down effectively.
  • Massage should be seen as a preventive medicine. It is excellent for the avoidance of overuse injuries and should be employed on a regular basis to relieve any minor aches or pains which could eventually lead to trauma. Many sportsmen and sportswomen have massage therapy to reduce nervous tension and relax the mind before an important event.

Not only for men, we also provide services for women at your own house.

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   Good2 Badminton
House Call For Ladies only / Perhidmatan Urut Dari Kaum Wanita  Untuk Wanita Sahaja. Sila hubungi:-  
Boon Lay Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Puan Inah – 93592137/94667439 2. Puan Minah 96683184
3. Puan Sa’adah – 82186448    
Chua Chu Kang Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Hjh Mahani – 96737594 2. Hjh Hamidah – 93860098
3. Puan Jamilah – 91426428    
Eunos Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Puan Megawaty – 90737352    
Tampiness Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Puan Soraya – 94555543 2. Puan Liza – 96412314
3. Pn Dahlia – 93506911/83667262 4. Puan Normala- 96491966
5. Puan Ila – 98469653    
Whampoa Area – All Area In Singapore
1. Kamsiah – 91014223    
Woodland  Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Puan Saripah – 91061704 2. Puan Ana Ratnah – 96345114
3. Puan Salama Eusope – 96605967 4. Puan Misah – 87008154
5. Puan Asnah – 93659310 6. Puan Roslinda – 97997794
7. Pn Ana Kamisah:98268954/94845717    
Yishun Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Puan Hadisa – 98573037 2. Puan Salamah – 94792045
3. Puan Fauziah – 86068150 4. Puan Fauziah Zee – 90089114
5. Puan Rose Fatimah – 90614150


    Saat Jais - Pakar Urut

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