Features Of Prosfessional Massage Therapy.

Profession   Massage Therapy  is  the same  as Profession Chef Cook  in term of context taste and those results will be  enjoyed  by the Client.

In this context, what is most importantly, let the customer himself evaluate how effective is it’s services to  accept from Massage Therapy Professional. To me, the simplest and shortest  way to access the  skill for professional Massage Therapy is  your body is restless  before the massage and will return fresh and feel energetic after being massaged, all the limb feel much lighter. Apart from that there will be no red or bruise scratch  or wounds resulted from nail or finger. 

Features Of Professional Massage Therapy are as follows:-

  • Capable of identify nerve system and veins and in touch with other body appendages other. 
  • Can distinguish bone or even nerve system  during massage.
  • Can detect and know swollen veins and its relation with disease or customer problem, before or after being massaged.
  • Cope resuscitate or reduce level of pain of customer, before or after that massage.
  • Know how to evaluate level of pain current customer massage with out asking.
  • Can balance pain and good rate during massage.
  • Can detect types of diseases or customer problem only by press or touch of any place in customer. 

Can predict, whether the disease of the customer can be a healed or not by method of detecting Nerve system (specifically for low or weak sexual energy or stroke patient)

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