The Effects of Massage (3)

The Skin. Both the activity and the nutrition of the skin benefit from massage. The sweat and sebaceous glands are stimulated, improving their function and ensuring the elimination of waste products. As dead skin cells are removed, pores are encouraged to remain open allowing increased skin respiration, suppleness and elasticity. Skin condition, texture and tone are greatly improved – the skin is healthy and glowing following a treatment.

The Genito-urinary System. The use of abdominal and back massage promotes the activity of the kidneys which enhances the elimination of waste products and reduces fluid retention.

The Reproductive System can also be improved. Abdominal and back massage can help to alleviate menstrual problems such as period pains, irregular menstruation, PMS and the symptoms of menopause.

Massage is an excellent preventive treatment essential for the maintenance of health and fitness. Prevention is always far better than cure. Nowadays people of all ages are increasingly considering natural therapies as a way to encourage an improved sense of well-being and as a means to a long, happy and harmonious life free of illness.

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