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We are doing Manhood Therapy for men who have low sexual desire or Erectile Dysfuntion. Normally, most of the Erectile Dysfuntion problem comes from the side effect problem from high blood pressure, diabetes and also because of stress.

Sometimes it also sprung from masturbating too often, too much sex and also because of frequent use of probihited material which are popular in the market, those products do not get the approval from Health Authority (HSA) or more well-known with call “Illegal Viagra”. Be careful, because this product can jeopardize the health of consumers.

This sequence of manhood therapy takes 1 hours. Whole body fo 40 – 45 minutes and massage at the private area about 15 – 20 minutes. This massage can help convalesscence of Erectile Dysfuntion…..Customer must do more or frequent massages, exercise and also take health supplement or nutrition. We also introduce health products which can help boost endurance for Erectile Dysfuntion.

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Not only for men, we also provide services for women at your own house.

House Call For Ladies Only 

House Call For Ladies only / Perhidmatan Urut Dari Kaum Wanita  Untuk Wanita Sahaja. Sila hubungi:-
1. Hjh Mahani – 96737594 2. Puan Ratna – 96345114
3. Hjh Hamidah – 93860098 4. Puan Liza – 96412314
5. Puan Mariati – 96319031 6. Puan Dahlia – 93506911
7. Puan Bibah – 97420314 8 Puan Fauziah – 82300264
9. Puan Salamah – 94792045 10. Puan Misah – 94569310
11. Puan Asnah – 93659310 12. Puan Hadisa – 98573037
13. Puan Kamsiah – 81217420 14. Puan Salamah Eusof -96605967
15. Puan Soraya – 94364784 16. Puan Siti – 91060242
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