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In the quest to source practitioners of traditional Urut Batin massage or Manhood massage, I am embarking on a series of reports on practitioners of this form of traditional Urut Batin massage in Singapore and the region.

First off is a visit to Treat & Cure Traditional Massage, located in surburban Toa Payoh, owned and operated by Mr (Haji) Saat. I first found Mr Saat, through a report on Channel News Asia, the well known Pan Asian broadcaster, which did a report on Mr Saat and the cures he provides for men with difficulties in the reproductive and in particular erectile department, through the practice of traditional Urut Batin Massage.

Massage studio: Mr Saat’s studio is located in his flat in Toa Payoh. The massage room is shared with a study area, although there is ample room for a massage bed.

The Massage: I was asked to undress and the massage commenced with myself lying face down. Mr Saat, commenced with a full body massage with what he indicates is a hybrid of traditional Javanese and modern strokes – ie, firm but not too “painful” I found this style suitably firm and vigorous. The massage covered the entire body, including a suitably revitalizing head massage. After covering the entire back including spine/sacrum area, glutes and back of legs, I was asked to turn and the massage continued face up. Throughout the massage, Mr Saat kept me suitably draped with a towel (except of course when it comes time to do the Urut Batin massage or Manhood massage). After massaging the chest, front of legs and abdominal area, he proceeded with the Urut Batin massage/Manhood Massage. To those unaccustomed to the Urut Batin massage/Manhood massage, it essentially feels like a bit of pulling and tugging at your “man bits”. That said, there is not a lot of emphasis on the shaft of the penis here so it certainly does not feel like someone is masturbating you here – so no worries about this being a “Happy Ending” type of massage, instead I was massaged at the base of my penis, some pulling and tugging of the vas differens as well as stimulation of the perineum and I guess prostate area through the scrotum, all this to promote blood circulation in the reproductive organs. While the strokes employed here were vigorous and certainly at times, the pressure applied can be a tad uncomfortable, the Urut Batin massage/Manhood massage part of the treatment was in no way painful. After a session totalling 1 hour, the massage concluded with the approximately 15 minute Urut Batin/ Manhood massage.

Verdict: Actually one of the best massages I have ever had. A no nonsense setting and style, the 1 hour massage did not feel short. Mr Saat, certainly knows what he is doing and his style of massage is suitably firm and relieves any muscular tension. The Urut Batin/Manhood therapy part of the massage, was not painful and one certainly feels (even if its psychological) that the strength of one’s erection is firmer after the massage.

Remarks: As mentioned before, I first got to know about Treat & Cure Traditional Massage and Mr Saat’s services through the Channel News Asia (CNA) report as seen below. I was attracted to his services as the report from a renowned newscaster indicates certainly some form of credibility and thought that it would be good to do a report on his Urut Batin/Manhood massage services on this site. Of particular note from the CNA report is that Mr Saat suggests that it would take at least 5 sessions of Urut Batin/Manhood massage for the beneficial effects to be felt and that Mr Saat does not tout his services as a miracle cure, in contrast to the other types of dubious male enhancement products highlighted in the report, some of which have resulted in serious negative side effects for men who partook of them.


Cost: SGD $ 60/1 hour

Location: 97 Lorong 3, Toa Payoh #16-58, Singapore 310097 (closest MRT station is Braddell)

Contact: Mobile – 9781 1070;   Email – saat@treat-cure.com, tcure2001@yahoo.com

Website: www.treat-cure.com

Source: http://www.urutbatinmanhoodmassage.com/urut-batin-massage/


Altenative Therapy


House Call For Ladies only / Perhidmatan Urut Dari Kaum Wanita  Untuk Wanita Sahaja. Sila hubungi:-  

Boon Lay / Jurong / Bt Panjang / Chua Chu Kang – All Area In Singapore.
1. Hjh Mahani – 9673 7594 2. Hjh Hamidah – 9386 0098
3. Hjh Norasikin -8498 0120 4. Inah – 9359 2137/9466 7439
5. Minah 9668 3184 6. Puan Sa’adah – 8218 6448
7. Jamilah – 9142 6428 8 Maria  – 9852 8305
Eunos Area / Al-Junied / Macpherson – All Area In Singapore.
1. Megawaty – 9073 7352 2. Nadiah – 8748 1354
2. Seri – 9612 1600    
Ponggol / Sengkang / Pasir Ris / Tampiness –All Area In Singapore
1. Ida Az – 8268 6227 2. Soraya – 9455 5543
3. Normala- 9649 1966 4. Liza – 9641 2314
5. Jorah – 9061 0993 6. Julie – 8181 9877
7. Rosemaya – 9172 7271    
Whampoa / Clementi / Bt Merah – All Area In Singapore
1. Kamsiah – 9101 4223 2. Jamilah – 9199 2147
Woodland / Marsiling / Sembawang – All Area In Singapore.
1. Saripah – 9106 1704 2. Ana Ratnah – 9634 5114
3. Salama Eusope – 96605967 4. Misah – 8700 8154
5. Asnah – 9365 9310 6. Roslinda – 979 97794
7. Ana Kamisah:- 9826 8954/9484 5717 7. Ngatia – 8366 1727
Yishun / Ang Mo Kio / Bishan / Toa Payoh  – All Area In Singapore.
1. Hadisa – 9857 3037 2. Salamah – 9479 2045
3. Fauziah – 8606 8150 4. Fauziah Zee – 9008 9114
5. Rose Fatimah – 9061 4150    

For Men only 

Toa Payoh – All Area In Singapore.
1. Haji Saat Jais – 9781 1070
Woodlands – All Area  In Singapore
1. Hj Kamal – 9186 3407 2. Hj Yusof – 9677 3645
2. Dr. Rashidinz – 8204 8951 /+60127346932
Yishun – All Area In Singapore
1. Suhat – 9061 0347    



Manhood Therapy


The above

Video is taken from Channel News Asia – on 24.11.2008

We are doing Manhood Therapy for men who have low sexual desire or Erectile Dysfuntion. Normally, most of the Erectile Dysfuntion problem comes from the side effect problem from high blood pressure, diabetes and also because of stress.

Sometimes it also sprung from masturbating too often, too much sex and also because of frequent use of probihited material which are popular in the market, those products do not get the approval from Health Authority (HSA) or more well-known with call “Illegal Viagra”. Be careful, because this product can jeopardize the health of consumers.

This sequence of manhood therapy takes 1 hours. Whole body fo 40 – 45 minutes and massage at the private area about 15 – 20 minutes. This massage can help convalesscence of Erectile Dysfuntion…..Customer must do more or frequent massages, exercise and also take health supplement or nutrition. We also introduce health products which can help boost endurance for Erectile Dysfuntion.

You can surf at our web: www.treat-cure.com

Not only for men, we also provide services for women at your own house.

House Call For Ladies only / Perhidmatan Urut Dari Kaum Wanita  Untuk Wanita Sahaja. Sila hubungi:-

Boon Lay Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Inah – 93592137/94667439 2. Minah 96683184
3. Puan Sa’adah – 82186448
Chua Chu Kang Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Hjh Mahani – 96737594 2. Hjh Hamidah – 93860098
3. Jamilah – 91426428 4. Hjh Norasikin -84980120
5. Maria  – 98528305
Eunos Area/Al-Junied/Macpherson – All Area In Singapore.
1. Megawaty – 90737352 2. Nadiah – 87481354
2. Seri – 96121600
Pasir Ris –All Area In Singapore
1. Ida Az – 82686227
Tampiness Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Soraya – 94555543 2. Liza – 96412314
3. Dahlia – 93506911/83667262 4. Normala- 96491966
5. Jorah – 90610993
Whampoa/Clementi – All Area In Singapore
1. Kamsiah – 91014223 2. Jamilah – 91992147
Woodland  Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Saripah – 91061704 2. Ana Ratnah – 96345114
3. Salama Eusope – 96605967 4. Misah – 87008154
5. Asnah – 93659310 6. Roslinda – 97997794
7. Ana Kamisah:- 98268954/94845717 7. Ngatia – 83661727
Yishun Area – All Area In Singapore.
1. Hadisa – 98573037 2. Salamah – 94792045
3. Fauziah – 86068150 4. Fauziah Zee – 90089114
5. Rose Fatimah – 90614150

For Man Only:-

Toa Payoh – All Area In Singapore.
1. Haji Saat Jais – 97811070
Woodlands – All Area  In Singapore
1. Hj Kamal – 91863407 2. Hj Yusof – 96773645
2. Dr. Rashidinz  – 82048951/+60127346932
Yishun – All Area In Singapore
1. Suhat – 90610347    


Saat Jais - Pakar Urut

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As soon as possible after the bruising has occured wrap some ice cubes in a cloth or towel and place on the affected area. Alternately use an ice-cold compress.

As the bruise developes and begins to turn green or yelowist, massage the area to help disperse the bruise. Use light massage (effleurage) will increase the circulation and encourage the blood which was released into the surounding tissues to drain away.

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   Saat Jais - Pakar Urut

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The Effects of Massage (3)

The Skin. Both the activity and the nutrition of the skin benefit from massage. The sweat and sebaceous glands are stimulated, improving their function and ensuring the elimination of waste products. As dead skin cells are removed, pores are encouraged to remain open allowing increased skin respiration, suppleness and elasticity. Skin condition, texture and tone are greatly improved – the skin is healthy and glowing following a treatment.

The Genito-urinary System. The use of abdominal and back massage promotes the activity of the kidneys which enhances the elimination of waste products and reduces fluid retention.

The Reproductive System can also be improved. Abdominal and back massage can help to alleviate menstrual problems such as period pains, irregular menstruation, PMS and the symptoms of menopause.

Massage is an excellent preventive treatment essential for the maintenance of health and fitness. Prevention is always far better than cure. Nowadays people of all ages are increasingly considering natural therapies as a way to encourage an improved sense of well-being and as a means to a long, happy and harmonious life free of illness.

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The Effects of Massage (1)

Massage is an ancient healing art with enormous benefit for all the systems of the body some of which are outlined below.

 The Nervous System is profoundly influenced by the application of massage. The effects of massage may be soothing and sedative, providing relief from nervous irritability. Disorders such as insomnia, tension, headaches and other stress related conditions respond to the healing power of touch as peace and harmony returns to the troubled mind. Alternatively, the effects of massage on the nerves may be stimulating, promoting an increase in the activity of the muscles, vessels and glands governed by them. It is invaluable in cases of lethargy and fatigue.

 The Muscular System derives enormous benefits. Muscles maintain a balance in relaxing and contracting. Some massage movements relax and stretch the muscles and soft tissues of the body, reducing muscular tension and cramp.  Fibrous tissues, adhesions and old scar tissue can be broken down and cleansed of waste deposits. As muscles contract, toxic products are eliminated. Other movements produce the contraction of muscles promoting good muscle tone. Muscle fatigue and stiffness caused by over activity, and the resulting build-up of toxic substances in the muscles, is reduced by muscular contraction and relaxation.

 The Skeletal System is strengthened by using massage. Bone is indirectly affected by massage. Improvements to the circulation of blood and lymph in the muscle lead to better circulation in the underlying bones, benefiting their nutrition and growth. Stiffness of the joins, and pains resulting from conditions such as arthritis, are reduced providing comfort and ease of movement.

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Features Of Prosfessional Massage Therapy.

Profession   Massage Therapy  is  the same  as Profession Chef Cook  in term of context taste and those results will be  enjoyed  by the Client.

In this context, what is most importantly, let the customer himself evaluate how effective is it’s services to  accept from Massage Therapy Professional. To me, the simplest and shortest  way to access the  skill for professional Massage Therapy is  your body is restless  before the massage and will return fresh and feel energetic after being massaged, all the limb feel much lighter. Apart from that there will be no red or bruise scratch  or wounds resulted from nail or finger. 

Features Of Professional Massage Therapy are as follows:-

  • Capable of identify nerve system and veins and in touch with other body appendages other. 
  • Can distinguish bone or even nerve system  during massage.
  • Can detect and know swollen veins and its relation with disease or customer problem, before or after being massaged.
  • Cope resuscitate or reduce level of pain of customer, before or after that massage.
  • Know how to evaluate level of pain current customer massage with out asking.
  • Can balance pain and good rate during massage.
  • Can detect types of diseases or customer problem only by press or touch of any place in customer. 

Can predict, whether the disease of the customer can be a healed or not by method of detecting Nerve system (specifically for low or weak sexual energy or stroke patient)

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   Saat Jais - Pakar Urut

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